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Absinthe Cocktails

Absinthe is a versatile and varied spirit made from vermouth, anise, fennel, herbs and alcohol. The green aniseed spirit is versatile and should definitely be consumed in absinthe cocktails due to its very high alcohol content. The alcohol content of the spirit is between 45% vol. and 85% vol. This makes the spirit one of the most highly alcoholic spirits of its kind. Originally, the spirit containing wormwood was used as a medicine. In the meantime, absinthe was banned (from about 1915 to 1998). The high thujone content in the spirit was supposed to be addictive and lead to serious health consequences.

However, more recent studies could prove that the inferior alcohol quality and the high consumption quantities could lead to health damage, not the spirit itself. Unfortunately, the spirit still suffers from the consequences of prohibition today. We recommend consuming absinthe in a variety of cocktails and mixed drinks. Get to know our absinthe cocktail recipes and find your favourite. Discover now and rediscover absinthe cocktails!

Trending Absinthe Cocktail Recipes

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The most famous absinthe cocktail - Sazerac

The Sazerac is probably the best-known cocktail of all in which the spirit absinthe is used. It originates from New Orleans, the “capital of cocktails”, and from there it spreads all over the world. The Sazerac is one of the few cocktails that are served without ice.

To prepare this drink, you need whisky, absinthe, a sugar cube and orange bitters. There are several other types of Sazerac, such as the Tiki, Spring or New Orleans Sazerac, but also the New Martini or the Sazeron. Visit our Sazerac page and learn the recipe and all the information about the Sazerac absinthe cocktail and prepare it easily at home.

Mr. Jekyll Absinthe

This spirit is very well known and convinces both with its expressive, slightly sweet taste, but also with its excellent price-performance ratio. In several tests, this absinthe has proven to be particularly suitable for the preparation of absinthe cocktails. Try it out for yourself and prepare an absinthe cocktail with the Mr. Jekyll*. Experience the special taste and convince yourself. Try it out now!

Absinthe Strong 68

Now we’re bringing out the big guns. As its name suggests, Strong68* has a very high alcohol content of 68% by volume. You should definitely handle this spirit with care. The aniseed schnapps is prepared according to a classic recipe from the 19th century and has an extremely high thujone content.

It meets various quality standards and is very suitable for the preparation of absinthe cocktails due to its striking herb-like taste. Try Strong68* in an absinthe cocktail and see for yourself. You will be surprised by the taste!