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Shot Recipes

Shooter, shots or short drinks are different words for one and the same type of cocktail. The drinks are mainly known from long party nights as “shot” and “short”. Sooner or later, people reach for the “short” on every long night. These drinks are drunk straight up and are characterised by a short filling volume. Shots quickly create a party atmosphere for large and small groups. This is probably the reason why shot recipes are so popular.

There are virtually no limits to the imagination with this type of cocktail. From the simple shot (spirits poured into a glass of no more than 4 cl) to so-called bombs (shot glass is dropped into another glass (usually energy drinks or beer)), everything can be ordered and drunk. On a relaxed cocktail evening, shots, short drinks and shooters tend not to be drunk. Even the consumption of expensive, high-quality spirits should not be enjoyed as a shot. These expensive, high-quality spirits should be enjoyed neat, on ice or in delicious cocktails. You can find more on aromatic cocktails here.

Trending Shot Recipes

b52 shot

B52 - Loved and hated

The B52 Shot is served and enjoyed burning. The name of the shot is a reference to the US long-range bombers that were used in the Vietnam War, for example. These bombers were known for dropping incendiary bombs. Since the drink is served burning, this name fits the shot quite well. Try the drink yourself and enjoy the special taste experience.

Get the party started

By preparing various shot recipes, you can mix up and improve almost any party. Among various, sometimes obscene shot recipe names such as U-Boot or Kamikaze, you too will find the right drink. Shot recipes meet almost every taste requirement: there are sweet, but also sour or spicy drinks.

Difference between Shot and Shooter

The difference between the two types of cocktail lies in the filling quantity and the ingredients used. Shooters are mostly strong drinks mixed from a combination of spirits and liqueurs, but also non-alcoholic drinks. Shots, on the other hand, almost always contain only alcoholic ingredients and are served in smaller glasses. With this knowledge, you can surprise your friends during a conversation in the bar and explain what the difference is between a shot and a shooter.