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After Dinner Drinks is the English term for drinks that are drunk after the meal. This type of cocktail should therefore only be served after the meal. The drinks are usually very sweet and contain a high sugar content. The main ingredients are usually syrups, sweet liqueurs or cream. Digestifs are intended to stimulate digestion. However, mixed drinks are not usually drunk during the meal. After-dinner drinks are colloquially called digestifs.

Digestif Recipes

white russian cocktail

White Russian - Famous and popular

The White Russian Cocktail is one of the best-known and most popular after-dinner drinks. The drink has a special taste and is very easy to prepare. Discover the simple recipe and prepare the drink at home!

Digestifs in the past

In the past, good meals were inconceivable without after-dinner drinks, or digestifs. Just over 20 years ago, no one would have got up from the table before consuming an aromatic cognac or a sweet digestif. These spirits, digestifs and after-dinner drinks were supposed to have a soothing effect on the stomach. However, this after-dinner consumption of digestifs has fallen further and further into oblivion. Nowadays, only mineral water or soft drinks are served after a hearty meal. Revive the classic and stylish times and enjoy a digestif directly after the meal.

When do you drink digestifs?

Digestifs are mainly enjoyed after eating heavy, fatty and voluminous dishes. For example, large Sunday roasts and other dishes served with fatty sauces are the focus of attention. It is precisely at these moments that after-dinner drinks should be served. This is supposed to stimulate digestion and accelerate fat burning. Whether this view can be supported from a scientific point of view is very controversial, or rather is rather rejected.

Digestifs act like a balm against stomach aches and act like “stretchy pants”. The drinks are usually served and drunk in small quantities, without fillers. The mixed drinks are slightly sweet, bitter and full of spices and herbs. The spices that are said to have a positive influence on digestion are mainly fennel, artichoke or caraway.