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The Godfather



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  • 4 cl Scotch Whisky
  • 4 cl Amaretto

Bar accessories

  • Tumbler
  • Ice cube
  • Bar spoon

Pour both ingredients one after the other into a tumbler and add some ice cubes. Mix both ingredients lightly with a bar spoon and serve the drink immediately. You can find more digestif recipes on our digestif page!

the godfather
Recipe by Chris

Cocktail Inspired by "The Godfather": A Timeless Classic

“The Godfather” is a traditional option if you want a cocktail that radiates elegance and simplicity. This elegant beverage creates a smooth and potent mixture by fusing the robust flavor of Scotch whiskey with the delicate sweetness of amaretto liqueur. Come along as we examine the background, components, and technique of making “The Godfather” cocktail.

The Cocktail From "The Godfather"

In the field of mixology, “The Godfather” cocktail is a classic whose beginnings can be found in the 1970s. According to rumors, the same-named film, in which Vito Corleone notoriously favored Scotch whisky, served as inspiration. The cocktail is a perennial favorite among people who value the better things in life because of its simplicity, which contributes to its charm.