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The Mojito is probably the most ordered and drunk cocktail in the world. In several surveys, the Mojito was able to prevail over its competitors. To this day, the rum cocktail is ordered and enjoyed in various cocktail bars. And this despite the fact that in many cases the drink is not properly prepared and served…

Mojito Cocktail Recipe

  • 5 cl Cuban rum
  • 2 cl lime juice
  • 2 cl sugar syrup
  • 10 mint leaves
  • Soda water

Step by Step Guide

  1. Place mint, lime, sugar syrup and rum in a glass.
  2. Crush the ingredients with a Muddler.
  3. Add ice cubes and soda and then serve.
mojito cocktail
Recipe by Tim

Shirley Temple

White Russian

When preparing a mojito, start with the mint. Place it between your palms and clap once. This will release the full mint aroma. You can now add this mint to the glass. After you have also added the lime, sugar syrup and rum to the glass, you can carefully squeeze the limes with a muddler. The ingredients can mix in the process. Now fill the glass with ice cubes or crushed ice and add the soda water. Then stir the drink well with a bar spoon. Before serving, you can garnish the mojito with mint leaves. Now you can enjoy the drink!

Bar Accessories:

  • Tumbler
  • Muddler
  • Bar spoon

How does the mojito taste


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The Mojito tastes sweet and like lime. It is the perfect summer cocktail and should not be missing at any pool party, barbecue or summer party. The Caribbean Mojito is a traditional punch drink. The ingredients used to make a mojito give this drink a very special flavour. Cubans swear by hierbabuena, a Cuban mint variety, which is supposed to make the mojito seem extra smooth and sweet at the same time. Despite the usually dreary summer days in Europe, the drink conveys the feeling of holiday, sun and light-heartedness.

The best tips for preparing a cocktail

It all depends on the rum

When preparing a mojito, we always recommend a high-quality, aromatic rum. Go for a more expensive spirit, but enjoy the cocktail to the full.

Fresh limes

Be sure to use fresh and organically mined limes when preparing the mojito. These limes taste much more aromatic and natural than other limes. Try it out for yourself and convince yourself of the fruity-fresh taste.

Homemade sugar syrup

Have you ever thought of making your own sugar syrup? It’s easier than you think and much cheaper than buying sugar syrup. Visit our blog article and learn how to make sugar syrup yourself.

A pleasure even in winter

Most of the time, the mojito is served and enjoyed as a classic summer cocktail. However, the spirit can also be enjoyed very well in winter. Its fruity-fresh taste is reminiscent of the warm summer and brings back fond memories.

The unbelievable origin story

There are many contradictory stories about the origin of the name. Supposedly, the term mojito was derived from the West African word “mojo”. Mojo means “bag filled with magic spices and magic objects”.nAnother origin of the name could also be traced back to the pirate Richard Drake in the 16th century. He was also called “Daque” (dragon) and was feared by Spanish sailors in the Caribbean. The latter was to be treated by the “Draquecito”, the original form of the Mojito, because of his severe stomach pains. Unfortunately, it is still not known whether this drink was able to combat his stomach ache. The drink then quickly spread throughout the Caribbean.

According to reports, the writer Ramon de Palma from Cuba took a drink every day: “Every day at eleven o’clock I take a draquecito, it’s very good for me.” An affection developed between the people and rum cocktails from the Caribbean as far back as colonial times. On all Caribbean islands, the spirit is drunk and loved. Nowadays, this consumption is supported by tourists from all over the world. They usually want to have enjoyed your “real” rum cocktail in the Caribbean once in their life.

As early as the 18th century, several shops were built where alcoholic drinks could be enjoyed. These shops were called “drinking stalls”. Today, these “drinking stalls” are better known as bars or, less glamorously, pubs. Even then, rum evolved away from medicine to anaesthetise patients to a drink and expression of joie de vivre.

Allegedly, the first mojito, which is also what it was called, was served in Havana in 1910. At that time, cool drinks were very popular in the tropical climate of the Caribbean. The Mojito achieved its great breakthrough after Ernest Hemingway ordered the cocktail in his regular bar in Havana and thus made it known to the world.

Until the 1920s, Mojitos in Cuba were still drunk lukewarm without ice cubes. Around 1900, American soldiers drank the drink entirely without ice and detested the lukewarm alcoholic beverage. It was not until the 1920s, when the first refrigerators in which ice cubes could be made could be bought in Cuba, that the triumph of the Mojito cocktail began. Nowadays, ice cubes or crushed ice are indispensable in the well-known rum cocktail. Today, a chilled Mojito tastes best to cocktail connoisseurs and those who would like to become one.

In 1942, Angel Martinez opened a bar in the heart of Havana in Cuba. He didn’t want to continue working as a farmer and sought his fortune in the country’s capital. The bar enjoyed ever-increasing popularity, but was the stark opposite of many other bars: in it, the locals were supposed to feel at home and revive Cuba’s joie de vivre. There was singing, dancing, discussion and debate. And alcoholic drinks were enjoyed. The mojito was the best-selling cocktail in his bar. The former healing potion was drunk here for pure pleasure and is still very much appreciated by the locals today.

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Mojito - FAQ

How do you prepare a Mojito?

A mojito is very easy to prepare at home. To make it, simply put mint, lime, sugar syrup and rum in a glass and squeeze these ingredients with a pestle. Then add ice cubes and soda water and serve the drink.

Who invented the Mojito?

The rum cocktail is said to have been invented as early as the 16th century by the pirate Richard Drake. When he was looking for a way to make his rum more drinkable, he came across a recipe that is very similar to today’s Mojito.

What is a mojito?

A mojito is a well-known rum cocktail with fruity-sweet flavours. It can be enjoyed perfectly in summer and its harmonious taste provides refreshment.

What does the Mojito Cocktail taste like?

The Mojito tastes sweet and refreshing. The rum is decisive for the taste of the cocktail. The more aromatic the rum, the more aromatic the cocktail.

When can you drink the Mojito?

The Mojito is a perfect summer cocktail. Its fresh, slightly sweet taste makes it a convincing choice at beach parties or on hot evenings at a lake. The easy-to-prepare drink is also perfect for celebrations and parties, such as New Year’s Eve.