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Meet Tim, an indispensable member of the Millennium Bartending team. With his great love for the art of mixology and his talent for creating captivating cocktail recipes, Tim plays an important role in our team.

The bartender extraordinaire

Tim’s journey into the world of bartending and mixology was sparked by a genuine passion for creating exceptional drinks. Through his years of experience, he has developed a deep understanding of flavor combinations and an uncanny ability to create cocktails that are as visually stunning as they are flavorful.


The creative force

At Millennium Bartending, Tim takes on the role of a creative force. As an experienced bartender, recipe developer and keen photographer, he combines his expertise to develop recipes that are not only easy to follow but also visually appealing. Tim’s commitment to the aesthetics of cocktails ensures that your drink not only tastes exquisite, but is also a feast for the eyes.

Simplicity meets aesthetics

Tim is a firm believer that a well-made cocktail can be simple but elegant. His approach to mixology is based on the idea that everyone can enjoy the art of cocktail creation, regardless of their level of experience. He strives to make his recipes accessible so that anyone can recreate his masterpieces with ease.