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Cocktail recipe by flavor

You want to prepare delicious cocktails, but you don’t know exactly what to look for and would rather choose the drink according to taste? Then this page is just right for you. Here we have sorted our best cocktail recipes according to your taste. You can choose between 6 different flavours and select your maybe new favourite cocktail according to its taste. Choose your favourite flavour now!

Sweet cocktails

Sour cocktails

Light cocktails

Fruity cocktails

Alcoholic cocktails

Tart cocktails

How to find the right cocktail for your taste

Cocktails can take on different flavours and taste very varied. For this reason, it is very difficult to know whether you like a cocktail. Especially if you are not so familiar with cocktails or don’t know which drink you like the most, our subdivision by taste can help you a lot. Here you simply select the flavour you want your drink to take later. Now you will be shown different drinks that taste exactly the same. Discover all the recipes and find your new favourite drink!

Cocktail flavors are varied

The preparation of cocktails is a real art form. At least as varied as the preparation is the taste of the drinks. It is often difficult to know what a cocktail really tastes like. We have divided our cocktail recipes according to taste. This way you can simply choose how the cocktail should taste. The recipes that follow will certainly not disappoint you!