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Fruity cocktails

Cocktails are often associated with summer, sun and beach. This mainly refers to very fruity and mostly sweet cocktails. We have listed exactly these fruity cocktails for you here. You can discover exactly the recipes you need. Let yourself be surprised by the fruity taste of the drinks and find your new favourite drink!

That's why fruity cocktails are so popular!

Whenever cocktails are mentioned, classic fruity drinks like the Tom Collins or Vodka Soda are mentioned. However, there are a lot more cocktails that are characterised by a fruity taste. The drinks are usually not so tart and alcoholic in taste, which is why they are particularly popular. So get to know all the recipes and find your new favourite drink!

The most frequently ordered drinks

Fruity cocktails are the most frequently ordered drinks in cocktail bars. Unlike very tart cocktails, fruity drinks can also be enjoyed on warm summer afternoons or warm autumn days. This is not the case with tart cocktails. For this reason, fruity cocktails are also ordered particularly often or prepared yourself. You will be surprised how easy and quick it is to prepare and enjoy such a cocktail! Just try it yourself and let the fruity taste convince you.

Aperol Spritz

Aperol Tonic

Chartreuse Swizzle


Lillet Wildberry

Fluffy Duck

French 75

Singapore Sling

Southside Cocktail

The Last Word

White Negroni

Shirley Temple

Fog Cutter


Malibu Sunrise

Mary Pickford


Mexican Mule


Bay Breeze

Black Russian

Moscow Mule

Porn Star Martini


Sex on the Beach

The Madras


Mint Julep

Monte Carlo

New York Sour

Whiskey Tonic

Whisky Highball

Whisky Sour