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At the same time as the gin hype, the Bramble cocktail has also become increasingly well-known and popular. It can be ordered in various cocktail bars, but can also be prepared at home. The drink is very easy to prepare, which is why you should definitely try our Bramble recipe!

Bramble Cocktail Recipe

  • 6 cl gin
  • 3 cl lemon juice
  • 1 cl sugar syrup
  • 1 bar spoon Crème de Mure

Step by Step Guide

  1. Pour the gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup into a cocktail shaker.
  2. Shake well with ice cubes and strain the drink into a long drink glass filled with crushed ice.
  3. Now just drizzle on the Crème de Mure and serve.
bramble cocktail
Recipe by Chris


The Bramble cocktail is actually quite simple to prepare and is very likely to be the eye-catcher at your house party. First add the gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup to a cocktail shaker with a few ice cubes. Shake the shaker well and strain the drink through a bar strainer into a long drink glass filled with crushed ice. Now you can drizzle the Crème de Mure over the drink. This creates a great effect that makes the drink “bleed” and also tastes very good. Now just garnish with a slice of lime or similar and then serve.

This is what the Bramble Cocktail tastes like


25 Reviews

The Bramble Cocktail has a very fresh and fruity aroma, which is underlined by intense gin flavours. The drink tastes fruity, fresh and very varied. If you prefer a tart and spicy cocktail, you are wrong with the Bramble. Try the fruity, fresh and slightly sweet and sour Bramble cocktail for yourself and let its unique taste convince you!

Recipe variations and other gimmicks

Are you bored with the basic recipe and would rather try something new and exciting? Then you should definitely try a recipe variation. For example, you can add fresh fruit such as blackberries to the shaker and lightly crush them. This gives the drink a special fresh kick and a unique reddish colour.

Another recipe variation is the “Peachy Bramble”. In this variation, the crème de mure is replaced by crème de peach or peach liqueur. This makes the drink much sweeter, but at least as fruity. For those of us who want to really let it rip, we can also recommend the Bramble Royal. With this variant, you pour the glass with champagne in addition to the basic recipe. Make sure that the glass does not overflow when you add the bubbly. This gives the drink a particularly high-quality touch. No matter whether you choose the basic recipe or a recipe variation: All these drinks convince with a fruity taste that can harmonise very well with the sweet and sour notes.

A long-time favourite since 1984

The Bramble is one of the best-known and most popular gin cocktails of all. Even though it feels as if the drink has always existed and is impossible to imagine recipe books without it, the cocktail was first prepared in 1984. Dick Bradsell (who, incidentally, is also responsible for the Espresso Martini) made the drink for the first time at Fred’s Club in London’s Soho district. The drink came about rather by chance when Bradsell received a bottle of Crème de Mure. He didn’t know exactly what kind of drink to make with it, so he tried out different ingredients and variations. The result was the Bramble cocktail, which is still well-known and popular today.

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