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Dry Martini

The Dry Martini is a very well-known gin cocktail that is either loved or hated. The drink divides opinions like no other. For some, the drink is fascinating and incredibly aromatic. For others, it is old-fashioned and monotonous. There are (almost) no opinions in between.

It is considered the king of all cocktails and connoisseurs swear by the perfect mixing ratio of gin and vermouth. In the past, the drink was often refined with absinthe, bitters or maraschino. Moreover, the ratio of gin to vermouth was one to one. Only over the years did the proportion of vermouth decrease more and more, and today the proportion is only very small. Very important: In a proper Dry Martini cocktail, the olive must not be missing from the glass.

Dry Martini Cocktail Recipe

  • 6 cl gin
  • 1 cl Dry Vermouth
  • One olive
  • One lemon peel

Step by Step Guide

  1. Stir the gin, ice and vermouth in a mixing glass.
  2. Pour into a pre-chilled martini glass.
  3. Grain and serve.
dry martini cocktail
Recipe by Chris


The preparation of the Martini cocktail is basically very simple: First, pour the gin and vermouth, as well as some ice cubes into a mixing glass and stir well with a bar spoon. After stirring for about 15 to 20 seconds, you can strain the mix into a pre-chilled martini glass. Next, grain the drink with an olive and sprinkle the liquid with a lemon peel. Then serve and enjoy.

Bar Accessories:

  • Martini Glass
  • Stirring glass
  • Ice cubes

Classic taste with only two ingredients


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The Dry Martini is a very classic cocktail, which is also often referred to as a gentleman’s drink. The taste is clearly dominated by gin, which is underlined by the slightly fruity-tart flavour of vermouth. The interplay of gin and vermouth is alcoholic, but not unpleasant, but rather perfectly matched.

History - How the Dry Martini was created

The history of the drink is long and holds some secrets. Its origins are thought to be in America, but this has never been proven. The inventor also remains unknown to this day. The first gin drinks are said to have been refined with vermouth as early as around 1880. The Dry Martini probably originated as a variant of the Martinez.

Relatives of the Dry Martini are the Manhattan, the Truf Club and the Martinez. Around 1885, there were many experiments with the cocktail. For example, Old Tom Gin or Maraschino cherry liqueur were added to the glass instead of the classic London Dry Gin. However, these experiments never really caught on. In the 1950s, the Dry Martini was named the drink of the noble businessman, which made it very popular. It was considered a drink drunk by rich and successful businessmen and was therefore held in particularly high regard. It was considered particularly classy and elegant to order and enjoy a Dry Martini.

After the spirit vodka and thus also vodka cocktail became more and more popular, the Dry Martini almost fell into oblivion. At that time, the cocktail market was flooded and dominated by vodka cocktails. It was not until 1990 that the cocktail experienced a renaissance, although at that time vodka was used instead of gin. Over the years, however, more and more bartenders used gin as their base spirit. This probably also has to do with the gin renaissance that began in 2000. Since then, more and more cocktails have been ordered with gin, including the Dry Martini. In the 2000s, the drink became increasingly popular and was consumed in large quantities, preferably in New York. In addition, the drink was repeatedly mentioned in films, TV series and tabloids.

Tips for the preparation

The olive

Have you only ever used green olives when making Dry Martini? Then it’s time for a change. Try using a black olive and see for yourself the different taste.

The mixing ratio

As already mentioned, you can prepare the drink in different mixing ratios. You don’t like our 6:1 ratio? Then simply try a different mixing ratio and find your favourite. Our recommended mixing ratios: 10:1, 6:1, 5:1, 2:1 or 1:1 (gin to vermouth).

Too harsh

If the Dry Martini is too tart for you, we recommend the “Kiwi Martini” variant. This drink is much milder and sweeter. This will give you a chance to get used to the classic, tart cocktail.

Dry Martini vs. Manhattan

Both the Manhattan and the Dry Martini are cocktails made with Vermouth. Sometimes people speak of the “king of all cocktails” (Dry Martini) and the “queen of all cocktails” (Manhattan). However, these titles are highly contested and can vary from bartender to bartender, as well as from connoisseur to connoisseur. In terms of taste, both drinks are rather tart and dry. If you prefer to enjoy sweet long drinks, you should not prepare either the Dry Martini or the Manhattan.

James Bond and the Martini

The Dry Martini gained further fame through the British James Bond films. In these, the main character, James Bond, always ordered a Vodka Martini (variant with vodka instead of gin). However, James Bond always requested the drink “shaken, not stirred.” It is well known in bartending circles that a drink made from two spirits should always be stirred. Shaking is said to make the drink unattractively watered down and cloudy.

Whether the preparation of the vodka martini is right or wrong is irrelevant to the filmmakers. What is probably important for the filmmakers is that the film series always pokes its head in when ordering a martini, which has also worked extraordinarily well. Another advantage this has created for the drink: a strong increase in awareness and popularity.

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Dry Martini - FAQ

When can you drink the Dry Martini?

The Dry Martini is more of a cocktail for cold winter evenings in front of the fireplace. As a real “gentleman’s drink”, it can also be ordered and enjoyed in cocktail bars.

What is a Dry Martini?

A Dry Martini is one of the most famous cocktails of all. The drink has become very famous through the film series called James Bond. In the films, the main character always orders a martini, but shaken, not stirred.

What is the difference between a Dry Martini and a Manhattan?

Both cocktails are made with vermouth. They are both dry, tart and alcoholic in taste. However, the Martini is made with gin or vodka and the Manhattan with whisky.

How do you prepare a Dry Martini?

The preparation of the Dry Martini is very simple. Simply put the gin and vermouth in a mixing glass with ice cubes and stir the ingredients together. Then strain the drink into a martini glass and garnish with a lemon zest. Then serve or enjoy yourself.

Can the drink also be made with rum, whisky or vodka?

Of course you can prepare a Dry Martini-like cocktail with rum or whisky. However, we cannot promise whether these spirits harmonise so well with Vermouth. Vodka with Vermouth, on the other hand, is very well known. Under the name “Vodka Martini”, James Bond orders such a cocktail in every film.

What does the Dry Martini Cocktail taste like?

The Dry Martini is a relatively strong and alcoholic cocktail. The interplay of high-quality gin and vermouth is clearly in the foreground here. If you are looking for a sweet cocktail, you should rather go for the Daiquiri or Gin Fizz.

Who invented the Dry Martini?

The drink is said to have been prepared for the first time as early as 1880. At that time, gin was often mixed with vermouth to make the taste more pleasant. Unfortunately, it is not known who prepared the drink for the first time.