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Vodka Cocktails

Until today, it could not be clarified whether the first vodka was distilled in Russia or Poland. Nowadays, vodka has established itself worldwide and is a very popular spirit in its own special way. Vodka is particularly popular as the base ingredient of a cocktail. In these vodka cocktails, sometimes bizarre-looking ingredients are mixed together to create a delicious drink. Below we would like to introduce you to the most popular vodka cocktails. After that you will find even more mixed drinks. Have fun discovering and enjoying them.

Trending Vodka Cocktails Recipes

moscow mule cocktail

The most famous: Moscow Mule

In the early 1940s, the well-known vodka producer “Smirnoff” wanted to enter the American spirits market. Since there was no vodka in the USA at that time, Smirnoff, together with a lemonade manufacturer, thought about how they could make their products known in the USA.

They developed a strategy where every buyer received a free copper mug with the purchase of a vodka and ginger beer. They also included a recipe of the Moscow Mule with the two items. In bars, the eye-catching copper mug led to other bar patrons also wanting a shiny copper mug after the first order of the vodka cocktail, resulting in multiple orders of the Moscow Mule. If you want to learn more about the drink, just visit our Moscow Mule page. Discover the quick-to-prepare recipe and enjoy the drink at home!

Which vodka is best for a cocktail?

The selection of high-class spirits on the Vodka Mart is huge. It is very difficult to keep track of such a large selection. There are countless vodka brands and various different varieties. The best-known brands include Absolut Vodka, Belvedere, Grey Goose and Russian Standard.

You can distinguish between classic and flavoured vodka. With flavoured vodka, you can choose between different flavours such as mango, raspberry or lemon vodka. You can find out which we think is the best vodka in our big vodka comparison page.

The history of vodka cocktails

The first beginnings of vodka production can be traced back to the 15th century in what is now Poland and Russia. However, the name “vodka” has only been known since around the 16th century and the first vodka textbooks were published from the middle of the 17th century. Besides Russia and Poland, Schwenden is also very well known for its high-quality vodka production. Thus, the first vodka was also produced in Sweden from the 15th century onwards.

To this day, Sweden is known for its vodka from, for example, the Absolut Vodka brand. Over the decades and centuries, more and more distilleries and more and more brands developed. By mixing vodka with other drinks, such as ginger beer or bitter lemon, vodka became more and more popular. Vodka cocktails such as Cosmopolitan, Sex on the Beach, Bloody Mary and Moscow Mule gave vodka its international breakthrough. Today, it is impossible to imagine cocktails and mixed drinks without vodka as a basic spirit.

The production process

Vodka can be made from a wide variety of ingredients. It is possible to produce the spirit from potatoes, rye, wheat, barley and even quinoa. In principle, any starchy plant can be used to make vodka. In the production process, water and yeast are added to the basic ingredients. After the mixture begins to ferment, it can be distilled. Unlike rum and whisky, for example, vodka is not put into barrels to mature after distillation.

The distillate is ready for immediate consumption and can be bottled and drunk. This also explains the light, clear-transparent colour. In addition, the spirit must have a minimum alcohol content of 37.5% vol. to be declared as vodka. The drink can be enjoyed neat or on ice. Due to the mostly very restrained taste, excellent vodka cocktails can be mixed with the spirit. Very popular vodka cocktails are Cosmopolitan, Sex on the Beach, Bloody Mary and Moscow Mule. Other long drinks, such as Long Island Iced Tea, are also made with vodka.

Vodka with v or vodka with w?

The question of whether vodka is spelled with a v or with a w is sometimes a matter of intergenerational dispute. However, it can be said that the spelling depends on the country of origin of the spirit. Vodka is spelled with a v in Russia and with a w in Poland. We have opted for the spelling with V, as this is more common.