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Light cocktails

A cocktail can take on a wide variety of taste facets. Some drinks taste very tart and alcoholic. Especially if you don’t like alcohol, you should discover our mild cocktail recipes. Here you will find various recipes with which you can prepare mild cocktails. Discover all the drinks now and let yourself be surprised by the unbelievably mild taste!

Light taste despite alcohol

Many people believe that cocktails always have to taste alcoholic. However, we would like to prove you wrong. There are various recipes from which you can prepare delicious cocktails that have a very mild taste without being too sweet. Just get to know all the recipes and find your perhaps new favourite drink.

Recipes for the ages

Among all the mild cocktails you can find various classics that you can order and enjoy in any cocktail bar. However, you can also simply buy the ingredients and then prepare the drinks at home. This usually provides a lot of fun and variety. It’s also usually much more expensive than ordering cocktails in a bar. So: Discover all the mild cocktail recipes now and prepare the drinks at home!

Aperol Spritz

Aperol Tonic


Brandy Alexander

Campari Amalfi

Chartreuse Swizzle


Lillet Wildberry

Pisco Sour

Rum Sour

Snowball Cocktail


Clover Club

Gin Fizz

Gin Gin Mule

Gin Rickey

White Negroni

Shirley Temple

Virgin Moscow Mule

Bahama Mama

Blue Hawaii

Fog Cutter


Rum Runner

Rum Tonic

Swimming Pool

Alabama Slammer

Baby Guinness


Mexican Mule

Tequila Martini

Tequila Sour

Tequila Sunrise

Bloody Mary

Blue Lagoon


Harvey Wallbanger

John Daly


Japanese Sour

Irish Coffee

Lions Tail

Trinidad Sour

Whiskey Cobbler

Whisky Sour