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Harvey Wallbanger

Vodka cocktails are mostly about the Moscow Mule or the Cosmopolitan. However, many people forget about the Harvey Wallbanger cocktail. Wrongly so, we think. The recipe for this cocktail is easy to prepare and has a pleasant fruity-sweet taste. This makes the Harvey Wallbanger particularly suitable for spring and summer. We show you how to prepare the simple recipe and hope you have fun discovering and enjoying it!

Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail Recipe

  • 4 cl vodka
  • 8 cl orange juice
  • 2 cl vanilla liqueur

Step by Step Guide

  1. Pour the vodka and orange juice into a highball glass.
  2. Stir the two ingredients well.
  3. Carefully add the vanilla liqueur to the drink.
  4. Serve or enjoy yourself!
harvey wallbanger cocktail
Recipe by Tim

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The preparation of the Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail recipe is very simple. Simply pour vodka and orange juice one after the other into a long drink glass filled with ice cubes. Stir these two ingredients together with a bar spoon. Then carefully add the vanilla liqueur to the mixed drink. Now the cocktail is ready and can be served by you or enjoyed by yourself.

Bar accessories:

  • Bar spoon
  • Long drink glass
  • Jigger

The Harvey Wallbanger Taste Profile


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The mixed drink is dominated by pleasantly mildly sweet notes. The fruity taste of the orange juice is clearly in the foreground and is very pleasantly underlined by the mildly sweet vanilla liqueur. Due to the addition of vodka, slight alcoholic notes can be tasted. However, these alcoholic notes do not come to the fore in any unpleasant way, but provide a pleasant feeling in the mouth.

The origins of the Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail

There are many different, sometimes funny stories about the origin of the cocktail. According to one story, the drink was invented in the 1950s. A host at a party had only vodka, orange juice and vanilla liqueur. He mixed a cocktail from these ingredients. A guest named Harvey is said to have banged his head against the wall several times after a few drinks. “Wallbanger” translates into German as “hitting the wall”. After that, the drink was named after Harvey and his bizarre action: Harvey Wallbanger.

This story is very amusing, but not entirely credible. According to the “official” origin story, the drink was invented in Hollywood in 1952. A regular at this cocktail bar was called Tom Harvey. The drink was named after this man. The drink became very popular in the 1960s and 1970s. At that time, the drink could be ordered in almost every bar, in various restaurants and in countless clubs. After that, it became quieter around the mixed drink. A new vanilla liqueur recipe made the vodka cocktail really popular again in the 2010s. Today, it can be ordered in various cocktail bars. However, with our simple recipe, you can also simply prepare the drink yourself and enjoy it!

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What is a Harvey Wallbanger?

A Harvey Wallbanger is a very well-known vodka cocktail. It has already convinced one or two critics with its pleasant taste profile. It cuts a fine figure at cocktail evenings and gala receptions.

What ingredients are used to prepare it?

The mixed drink is classically prepared from vodka, orange juice and vanilla liqueur. In other variations, however, the vodka can also be replaced by tequila. You can also replace the orange juice with apple juice.

How do you prepare it?

First you pour vodka and orange juice into a long drink glass. Stir these ingredients with a bar spoon. Then add vanilla liqueur and serve the drink immediately.

How does the drink taste?

The taste of the Harvey Wallbanger is dominated by pleasant sweet and fruity notes. This taste is pleasantly underlined by the sweet vanilla liqueur. A unique taste experience for a unique cocktail.