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Vodka Tonic

There’s no easier way to prepare a vodka cocktail. Simply mix vodka and tonic water and serve. That’s how quickly you can prepare a vodka tonic. Now learn a few tricks to make this drink even better. Have fun with the Vodka Tonic recipe.

Vodka Tonic Cocktail Recipe

  • 6 cl vodka
  • Tonic Water

Step by Step Guide

  1. Pour vodka with ice into a long drink glass and add tonic water.
  2. Then grit with a slice of lemon and serve.
vodka tonic
Recipe by Chris


This is what the Vodka Tonic Cocktail tastes like


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In terms of taste, this vodka cocktail expresses the interplay of a high-quality vodka with slightly tart and sparkling tonic water. The refreshing drink convinces with pleasantly mild aromas and puts the taste of the vodka pleasantly in the foreground without tasting too alcoholic. The taste is primarily dependent on the mixing ratio used. We recommend mixing the vodka in a ratio of about 2 to 1 (two parts tonic water, one part vodka).

Perhaps the simplest cocktail of all?

Similar to a gin and tonic, the vodka tonic is incredibly easy and quick to prepare. You don’t need professional bar training or special bar equipment to make it. This makes the Vodka Cocktail particularly suitable for cocktail evenings, parties or birthdays. Thanks to its refreshing taste, the long drink cuts a fine figure, especially in summer, and can be served at various occasions.

Vodka tonic - only different

The taste of the long drink is pleasantly mild and puts the flavours of the vodka clearly in the foreground. If you don’t like that, we’ve put together a few recipe variations here that will allow you to enjoy this cocktail no matter what:

  • The extra kick with Flavored Vodka: Nowadays, the choice of spirits and vodkas is vast. Instead of a classic (relatively flavourless) vodka, you can also use Flavored Vodka for the preparation. These include especially mango, vanilla or even watermelon vodka.
  • More freshness with citrus fruits: You have the option of adding a pleasant and fruity-sour note to the taste of the long drink. To do this, simply add 1 to 2 cl of lemon or lime juice to the glass. You will be surprised at the impact this small amount can have on the taste of the drink.
  • High-quality tonic: When preparing the drink, don’t just use any tonic water, but rather go for a high-quality supplier, such as Mistelhain. This will give you a more varied taste, with a more intense aroma.

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