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Pisco Sour

The Pisco Sour is often overshadowed by other sour cocktails such as the Whisky Sour or Gin Sour. Unjustly, we think. On this page we show you how the Pisco Sour cocktail tastes and what makes it special. Discover the simple recipe and prepare the Pisco Sour at home!

Pisco Sour Cocktail Recipe

  • 5 cl pisco
  • 2.5 cl lime juice
  • 1 cl sugar syrup
  • 1 egg white
  • Angustora Bitters

Step by Step Guide

  1. Add all ingredients (except bitters) to a shaker and shake well together with ice cubes.
  2. After shaking for about 20 seconds, you can strain the mix into a tumbler.
  3. Now just add a few drops of Angustora Bitters on top of the foam and then serve.
pisco sour
Recipe by Chris


The preparation of the Sour cocktail is actually very simple and not at all different from the preparation of a whisky sour. First measure all the ingredients with a jigger and put them into a cocktail shaker. Add a few ice cubes and shake the shaker well for about 20 seconds. After shaking for 20 seconds, pour the mixture through a strainer into a tumbler. Now just add a few drops of cocktail bitters on top of the foam and serve. This is how quickly you can prepare a delicious Pisco Sour.

This is what the Pisco Sour Cocktail tastes like


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The Pisco Sour Cocktail is in no way inferior to the Whisky Sour. The taste is pleasantly sweet and sour, with pleasantly fruity-fresh notes. The fruity notes from the Pisco even emphasise this taste. Compared to the Whisky Sour, this drink is much milder and not as tart. The alcoholic notes also come out much more in the Whisky Cocktail. So: If you prefer a milder cocktail, go for the Pisco Sour, if you prefer a more tart cocktail, go for the Whisky Sour.

The most popular drink in South America?

As a very classic and well-known cocktail, you have probably seen the Pisco Sour on the menu of your favourite cocktail bar. In South America, and especially in Peru and Chile, this cocktail is considered a kind of national drink and can be ordered and enjoyed on really every corner. Despite its strong resemblance to brandy and cognac, pisco is very different from other spirits and has a rather sweet and very fruity taste. However, you can also buy very tart pisco if you wish. Thanks to its taste, pisco goes particularly well in cocktails, long drinks and mocktails.

How the famous drink came into being

To this day, Chile and Peru argue about where pisco sour was invented or first prepared. Unfortunately, the question cannot be fully clarified. According to one story, Victor Morris, a bartender living in Peru, was the inventor of the Pisco Sour. The US citizen living in Lima is said to have prepared the sour pisco cocktail for the first time as early as 1915.

To make it, he simply mixed together typical cocktail ingredients such as lime juice, an egg white, and a spirit (in this case, pisco). The result was the sour cocktail we know today. Thanks to its unique taste and worldwide fame, to this day neither Peru nor Chile wants to admit that the other country was the inventor of the drink. Whether the question can ever be clarified is also rather doubtful. We don’t care about the answer to the question. For us, the only thing that counts is the unique taste, no matter which country it comes from.

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