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Baby Guinness

The Baby Guinness is a well-known and easy-to-prepare shot that can be served at parties or celebrations. The name is derived from a well-known stout beer that looks like this shot, only much bigger. We show you how to prepare the eye-catcher for your party. Have fun discovering and enjoying our Baby Guinness recipe!

Baby Guinness Recipe

  • 3 cl coffee liqueur
  • 1 cl Irish cream

Step by Step Guide

  1. Pour the coffee liqueur into a shot glass.
  2. Pour the Irish cream over the coffee liqueur using a bar spoon.
  3. Serve or enjoy yourself!
baby guinness
Recipe by Chris


Old Fashioned

Bloody Mary

To prepare, simply pour 3 cl of coffee liqueur into a shot glass. On top of this, very carefully pour 1 cl of Irish cream over a bar spoon. You should be particularly careful in this step, as the two ingredients could otherwise mix. After that, the shot recipe is completely prepared and can be served to your guests. What’s more, you can enjoy the Shot yourself!

Bar Accessories:

  • Shot glass
  • Bar spoon

The taste profile of Baby Guinness


25 Reviews

This shot recipe tastes pleasantly mild and sweet. The coffee liqueur and the Irish cream harmonise very well with each other and make for a very special taste. The taste is most comparable to that of the B52. However, the overproof rum makes this shot much stronger and more alcoholic. Prepare the Baby Guinness at home and discover the special taste experience. Discover and enjoy now!

Ready for St. Patrick's Day

With this shot you are perfectly prepared for St. Patrick’s Day. The drink causes astonishment and eye-catchers, even in Ireland. The shot recipe is at least as popular there as in Germany. Alongside stout beer, whiskey and Irish dancing, St. Patrick’s Day is one of Ireland’s best-known exports. Do you also celebrate a St. Patrick’s Day party in Germany? No? Then it’s high time you did. All you need is a few friends, fun green outfits and lots of stout beer. And of course the Baby Guinness Shot. You already got to know the recipe for it above.

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Baby Guinness - FAQ

What is a Baby Guinness?

A Baby Guinness is a popular shot made from just two different ingredients. The recipe is very simple and can be prepared within a minute.

Where does the name come from?

The drink looks similar to the stout beer of the well-known manufacturer Guinness. For this reason, the shot was also called Baby Guinness (i.e. small Guinness beer).

How do you prepare the Shot?

The preparation is very simple. Simply pour the coffee liqueur and Irish cream one after the other into a shot glass. It’s best to pour the Irish cream into the glass using a bar spoon so that it doesn’t combine with the coffee liqueur. Then serve directly or enjoy yourself!