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Irish Flagg



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  • 1.5 cl Creme de Menthe (green)
  • 1.5 cl orange liqueur
  • 1,5 cl Irish Cream

Bar Accessories:

  • Shot glass
  • Bar spoon

First pour the green Creme de Menthe into the shot glass. On top of this, very carefully pour the Irish Cream with the help of a bar spoon. For the last level, again very carefully pour the orange liqueur into the shot glass. The drink can then be served or enjoyed by yourself. You can find more shot recipes on our shot recipes page!

irish flagg
Recipe by Chris

A toast to St. Patrick's Day with the Irish Flag Shot at the Bar

Few drinks are as aesthetically pleasing and mouthwatering as the Irish Flag Shot when it comes to celebrating St. Patrick’s Day or just having a fun night at the bar. As beautiful to look at as it is to drink, this tricolor beverage pays respect to the Emerald Isle. Join us as we explore the background, components, and technique of making this lively and recognizable photo.

The Irish Flag Shot's History

The Irish flag served as the basis for the contemporary invention known as the Irish Flag Shot. Irish identity has been represented by the flag, which has vertical stripes of green, white, and orange, for more than a century. The shot’s multicolored layers, which replicate the flag’s pattern, offer a fun way to honor everything Irish.

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