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Irish Car Bomb



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  • 2 cl Irish Cream
  • 2 cl Irish Whiskey
  • 10 cl Irish Stout beer

Fill a shot glass first with Irish Cream, then with Irish Whiskey. Then pour the beer into a tumbler and drop the shot glass into the tumbler. Now drink immediately. You can find more shot recipes on our shot recipes page!

irish car bomb
Recipe by Chris

The Irish Car Bomb Shot: A Toast to Irish Flavors and Fun Moments

The Irish Car Bomb is a fun option if you’re looking for a lively and jovial shot that celebrates Irish culture and flavors. Irish whiskey, Irish cream liqueur, and stout beer are combined in this flavorful shot to celebrate Irish history and camaraderie. Join us as we investigate the background, components, and technique of making the Irish Car Bomb shot.

The Inspiring History Behind the Irish Car Bomb Attack

The Irish Car Bomb shot, often known as the “Car Bomb,” has gained popularity in pubs and events all over the world. The drink’s lively nature and the Irish heritage of its components are referenced in its name, which is humorous. This shot is renowned for its stacking method, which produces an aesthetically attractive and mouthwatering flavor combination.

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