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Whiskey Cobbler

The Whiskey Cobbler is one of the most famous and popular classic whiskey cocktail recipes. If you would like to enjoy a classic cocktail and have become bored with the Old Fashioned or Boulevardier, you should definitely try our Whiskey Cobbler recipe. This classic drink has been prepared for several decades and still impresses bartenders, cocktail bars and connoisseurs today. Try the Whiskey Cobbler recipe for yourself and let its authentic taste convince you!

Whiskey Cobbler Cocktail Recipe

  • 6 cl whisky
  • 0,75 cl sugar syrup
  • 4 cl soda water

Step by Step Guide

  1. Pour whisky, sugar syrup and ice cubes into a tumbler.
  2. Stir well with a bar spoon.
  3. Pour in soda water, strain and then serve or enjoy by itself.
whiskey cobbler cocktail
Recipe by Tim


The preparation of the Whiskey Cobbler is very simple. First pour the whisky and sugar syrup into a tumbler. Add a few ice cubes and stir everything well with a bar spoon. Now just add soda water and you have prepared the perfect whisky cobbler. You can garnish the whiskey cocktail with a cocktail cherry or an orange slice and then serve it or enjoy it yourself!

This is what the Whiskey Cobbler tastes like


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The Whiskey Cobbler is a very classic and simple cocktail with an intense flavour. The primary focus is on the notes of the whiskey, which are given a slight sweetness by sugar syrup. The soda water softens the taste considerably and makes it very fresh. This cocktail is particularly suitable for lovers of classic cocktails, such as the Mint Julep. If you prefer fruity cocktails like the Aperol Spritz or Appletini, you should rather try another drink!

A classic for years

The Whisky Cobbler is a very classic cocktail that can be ordered in any good cocktail bar. The most famous variation of this drink is called the Sherry Cobbler. Similar to sour cocktails, this cocktail is prepared according to the classic cobbler formula: A base spirit sweetened with sugar or a syrup and finished with seasonal fruit and soda water.

This recipe can be modified to suit individual tastes. Just use more whisky for an intense flavour, more sugar syrup for a sweeter touch or more soda water for a refreshing long drink experience. It doesn’t matter if you use the basic recipe or modify it according to your wishes and needs: With the Whisky Cobbler, you have the opportunity to prepare a varied and intense whisky cocktail that not only connoisseurs will enjoy.

Recipe variations for even more variety

If you would like to prepare and enjoy this cocktail but don’t like whisky, you have several options to adapt the basic recipe to your taste. The easiest way to create a similar cocktail, but with a different flavour, is to change the base spirit. For example, instead of whisky, you can simply use sherry, gin or rum. For an even more varied taste, you can also add 1 cl of peach liqueur to the drink. This creates pleasant fruity aromas that give the taste even more facets.

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