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Whisky Cola

Whisky Cola is probably the easiest and quickest whisky cocktail to prepare. You only need 2 ingredients and a maximum of 2 minutes. We show you how to prepare the cocktail immediately!

Whisky Cola Cocktail Recipe

  • 6 cl (Bourbon) Whisky
  • Cola

Step by Step Guide

  1. First pour whisky, then cola into a long drink glass filled with ice.
  2. Stir the drink gently with a bar spoon.
  3. Afterwards, you can add a slice of lemon and serve it.
whisky cola
Recipe by Tim


This drink is a very popular cocktail for which you don’t really need a recipe. You simply mix the amount of cola with the amount of whisky you like. Put it in a long drink glass filled with ice cubes. Then you stir the two ingredients lightly with a spoon and add a lemon zest or something similar to the glass. And that’s it. You can prepare a delicious cocktail so quickly and easily.

This is what Whisky Cola tastes like


23 Reviews

The taste of the whisky cocktail is very sweet. The sweet notes of the cola are mainly in the foreground, which are only slightly underlined by the tart, full-bodied taste of the whisky. Adding a slice of lemon or lime gives the drink very light and fruity flavours. Try the drink yourself and play with the recipe. You can vary the ingredients as you like and adapt the whisky cocktail to suit your taste!

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