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El Presidente



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  • 2.5 cl Dry Vermouth
  • 1 dash grenadine
  • 2 cl orange liqueur
  • 4 cl white rum

Bar Accessories:

  • Stirring glass
  • Ice cubes
  • Martini glass


Place all recipe ingredients (except grenadine) in a mixing glass and stir well with ice. Then strain the drink into a martini glass and serve or enjoy yourself. You can find more rum cocktails on our Rum Cocktail page!

el presidente
Recipe by Tim

Enjoy the Traditional El Presidente Cocktail Like a Statesman

The El Presidente is a traditional option if you want a cocktail that oozes refinement and has a hint of tropical enchantment. This classic cocktail is made with white rum, orange liqueur, and vermouth and is perfectly balanced and delicious. Join us as we examine the El Presidente cocktail’s history, components, and technique.

The El Presidente Cocktail's Legacy

A traditional cocktail from the early 20th century, the El Presidente is well-known for being associated with Cuba, notably Havana. Its presidential name reflects the fact that it was a favorite of the ruling class and influential politicians of the era. This drink highlights the sophistication of rum and the subdued richness of vermouth.

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