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Long Island Iced Tea

The Long Island Iced Tea is one of the most popular and most ordered cocktails of all. It is on the menu of almost every cocktail bar in the world. It can also be drunk in clubs, restaurants, cocktail bars and pubs. The cocktail belongs to the group of long drinks due to its extremely high alcohol and filling volume. Due to its sweet, alcoholic taste, the long drink is popular with connoisseurs and gourmets around the globe.

Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail Recipe

  • 2 cl white rum
  • 2 cl vodka
  • 2 cl tequila
  • 2 cl gin
  • 2 cl orange liqueur
  • 2 cl lime juice
  • Cola
  • A slice of lemon

Step by Step Guide

  1. Add all ingredients (except cola) to a cocktail shaker and shake well.
  2. Strain the mixture into a long drink glass.
  3. Then fill up with ice cubes and cola.
long island iced tea cocktail
Recipe by Chris

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First you should put all the spirits, i.e. rum, vodka, tequila, gin and orange liqueur, as well as the lime juice into a cocktail shaker and shake well for about 20 seconds. Then strain the mix into a long drink glass filled with ice through a bar strainer and top up with cola. Finally, you can garnish the long drink glass with a slice of lemon and serve afterwards.

Bar Accessories:

  • Long drink glass
  • Cocktail shaker
  • Ice cubes

Long Island Iced Tea Taste Profile


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Despite its high alcohol content, the Long Island Iced Tea does not taste quite as alcoholic as one might expect. The reason for this is the high sugar content in the cola. Therefore, the drink tastes sweet and alcoholic. There are also slightly fruity notes.

History of the Long Island Iced Tea

There are many stories and legends surrounding the Long Island Iced Tea. Unfortunately, the origin of the drink cannot be clearly explained. Many stories are circulating, some of which are probably not true. In the following, we have tried to summarise the funniest and most amusing stories. One legend says that a housewife on Long Island, an island in the American state of New York, “invented” the long drink. She is said to have plundered her husband’s liquor cabinet. For this reason, only a small sip of each spirit was used. This way the husband would not notice that his spirits had been used. She then topped up the drink with sola so that the drink simply looked like a plain glass of cola. Thus she was able to conceal the alcohol content.

According to other stories, the cocktail is believed to have originated during the period of alcohol prohibition in the USA from 1919 to 1932. The “cute” name and the cola-like appearance were supposed to hide the high alcohol content. Therefore, the drink was particularly well suited for Prohibition, during which alcohol was strictly prohibited. Still other stories name Robert C. Butt as the inventor of the mixed drink. He was a bartender at Hampton Bays in the late 1970s. This was a hotel in the American state of New York. However, the drink only became really famous at the end of the 1970s. Whether this story is true can only be guessed at. What is certain is that the long drink originated in the USA and was first prepared and drunk there.

Tips & tricks

It's all in the mix

We definitely recommend using a jigger when preparing this cocktail. This ensures that you use the right amount of spirits. This is especially important for Long Island Iced Tea. Therefore: Use a jigger and prepare the drink accurately.

More for your money

If you want to order a strong cocktail in a cocktail bar, we definitely recommend the Long Island. This drink contains a full 10 cl of spirits. Not even the Mai Tai has such a high proportion of spirits. So enjoy this high-proof drink.

Very high-proof

When enjoying this cocktail, be sure to pay attention to the alcohol content. The sweet cola flavour lightly masks the alcohol taste. This could make you quickly forget that this cocktail is a very high-proof drink. Be careful and don’t be blinded by the sweet taste.

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Long Island Iced Tea - FAQ

What does the Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail taste like?

Due to the high sugar content of the cola, the Long Island tastes more sweet than alcoholic. However, alcoholic nuances of flavour can also be tasted. If you are looking for a sweet and fruity cocktail, you should rather go for a Tequila Sunrise or a Daiquiri.

What is a Long Island Iced Tea?

The Long Island Iced Tea is a very well-known cocktail that combines almost all the ingredients of a classic home bar. There are five different spirits in this cocktail.

How do you prepare a Long Island Iced Tea?

Put the rum, gin, tequila, vodka, triple sec and lime juice in a shaker and shake the ingredients well. Strain the drink into a long drink glass and fill it to the brim with cola. Garnish with a slice of lemon and serve.