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California Surfer

The California Surfer Cocktail is also known as “Surfer on Acid”. As a very easy-to-prepare drink, this drink is particularly convincing due to the interplay of sweet and earthy ingredients. We show you how to prepare a California Surfer in just a few minutes. Discover the recipe now and enjoy it immediately!

California Surfer Cocktail Recipe

  • 3 cl coconut rum
  • 3 cl Jägermeister
  • 3 cl pineapple juice

Step by Step Guide

  1. Add all ingredients and ice to a shaker and shake well.
  2. Strain into a cocktail glass filled with ice.
  3. Garnish with a cocktail cherry and then serve.
California Surfer cocktail
Recipe by Tim

Shirley Temple

White Russian

The California Surfer is really very easy to prepare. First measure out all the ingredients with a jigger and put these ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Add a few ice cubes and shake the shaker well for about 20 seconds. Strain the mix through a bar strainer into a tumbler filled with ice. Now just garnish with a cocktail cherry and serve. And that’s how easy and fast you can prepare the Cocktail!

The classic taste in detail


23 Reviews

The California Surfer Cocktail convinces with the interplay of fruity and aromatic-sweet flavours. The taste of the coconut is pleasantly in the centre and is complemented by the sweet taste of the pineapple juice. Only the Jägermeister rounds off the taste with tart and spicy aromas, resulting in an all-round varied cocktail!

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