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Brandy Cocktail Recipes

Brandy is a wine-like spirit that is imported to Germany mainly from Spain and Italy. For a long time, brandy had a bad reputation in the bartending scene. Many bartenders did not know how to prepare brandy cocktails and many customers were dissatisfied with the cocktails served. As a result, relatively few brandies were sold in Germany. The big manufacturers drew their conclusions from this and encouraged some of the best bartenders in the world to create Brandy Cocktail recipes. These professionals did not need to be asked twice and created a multitude of extraordinary brandy cocktail recipes.

This led to a veritable renaissance of the spirit. More and more cocktails were ordered. To this day, brandy is one of the most popular spirits that can be enjoyed in cocktails. Bring the simple recipes home and prepare very simple and delicious brandy cocktails!

Trending Brandy Cocktail Recipes