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Fizz Cocktails

The group of fizz cocktails is very large and well-known. Probably the best-known representative of this category is the Gin Fizz. This cocktail has had an undisputed place on almost every cocktail bar menu for a long time. This type of cocktail is particularly popular because of its sweet, fruity taste. Similar to sours, fizzes consist of a spirit, sugar syrup and lemon juice.


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Put these ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake well for quite a long time (at least 25 seconds). This creates a nice, respectable head of foam. This shaken portion is poured into (usually) smaller tumblers and topped up with soda water. For the perfect taste, the interplay of sweet (sugar syrup) and sour (lemon juice) must be optimally matched.

gin fizz cocktail

Gin Fizz - the classic

The Gin Fizz is the best known of the Fizz cocktails. The drink has benefited from the gin hype since the beginning of the 2000s and can be ordered in various cocktail bars since then. But you can also easily prepare the Gin Fizz yourself! Discover our simple Gin Fizz recipe now and prepare the drink at home!

The frothy crown

As already described, the addition of egg white is the main way to create a beautiful white foamy crown on the cocktail. To do this, add the egg white to all the other ingredients in the cocktail shaker and shake well. The agitation develops the foamy crown, which is poured through the cocktail shaker into the glass. In other Gin Fizz cocktail variations, the egg yolk is also added to the glass (Golden Fizz) or egg white and egg yolk (Royal Fizz).

The perfect summer cocktail

Fizz cocktails are particularly suitable for the hot months of the year. As a summer cocktail, any Fizz drink cuts a fine figure. The ice and the fizzy carbonation of the filler make the drinks refreshing, even when the thermometer has passed the 30 degrees Celsius mark. The bubbling soda water “artificially inflates” the cocktails without adulterating the taste. On the contrary, the addition of soda water makes the drinks even more refreshing and thus even more suitable as a summer cocktail. However, you can also use other fillers, such as ginger beer or tonic water, to make the drink more refreshing.

What does fizz mean?

The word “fizz” first appeared at the end of the 19th century. At that time, drinks, and soda water in particular, were becoming more popular and more widely consumed. Fizzing is supposed to make the long drink softer and livelier. Just like with sours, the simplicity of the ingredients is a crucial point for the success of the drink. Instead of mixing several spirits, the focus here is on one basic spirit, gin. Furthermore, only sugar, a citrus fruit and soda water are added. With the Gin Fizz, the gin takes centre stage.