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Julep Cocktails

The julep cocktail originates from the southern states of the United States of America. The characteristic ingredient of juleps is mint. Mint is used in virtually no other type of cocktail, except in smashes. Just about any spirit can be used as the base spirit. Julep cocktails can even be made with sparkling wine or champagne. It is said that julep cocktails were invented by the famous Captain Marryatt and his skipper when they brought the drink to the British Isles. This captain was known for his pronounced consumption of mint. For this reason, he also mixed mint into his alcoholic mixed drinks. This is how the myth of the julep cocktail developed.

Trending Julep Cocktail Recipes

mint julep cocktail

Mint Julep - the most popular

The Mint Julep is by far the best-known cocktail in this category. The mixed drink, which originated in America, can now be ordered in various bars and restaurants. But you can also easily prepare the drink at home. Discover the simple Mint Julep recipe and prepare the cocktail at home.

Mustn't be missing at any party

No party should be without a julep. This drink provides that certain something, that certain kick, which can significantly improve the drinks at your party. The most famous story about Julep cocktails comes from a Kentucky Derby, in the former southern states of America. Rumour has it that 120,000 mint julep were ordered that day. A ton of fresh mint was used for this. Not to mention the whiskey and soda water.

The best-selling book from 1925 called “The Great Gatsby” by Franz Scott Fitzgerald mentioned the cocktail. That was right at the time of Prohibition. It was also mentioned in the animated series “The Simsons”, was served in the James Bond film Goldfinger (alongside the Martini) and was drunk in the science fiction film Starship Enterprise. The Mint Julep even had a song dedicated to it that made it to number one in the charts: “One Mint Julep” by Ray Charles. Although the drink never made it to the “Cocktail Olympus”, it is perfect for hot summer days.

Where does the word come from?

Julep is derived from the Arabic term “julāb”, which loosely translated means “rose water”. Also, in the 15th century, the word julep was used to name liquid medicine in pharmacies.

The difference between julep and smash

Smashes are very similar to julep cocktails. This type of cocktail can be seen as the little brother of the julep, so to speak. Smashes are served and enjoyed in much smaller glasses, and therefore with much less content. The differences between a drink of the julep family and a cocktail of the smash family are minimal:

  • A Smash is prepared in a cocktail shaker.
  • A Smash may and should be decorated with fruit.
  • A Smash is infused with soda water.
  • A julep is prepared in the glass.
  • A julep should not be decorated with fruit.
  • A julep is prepared either with normal water or without any water at all.