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Mezcal Cocktails

Mezcal is a spirit from Mexico. In fact, mezcal is the super-category of tequila. Nevertheless, tequila is clearly better known. We would like to show you how to best drink and enjoy the spirit. Discover our large selection of mezcal cocktails and prepare the mixed drinks at home. Unlike tequila, this Mexican spirit is not drunk with salt and lemon. In a classic drinking ritual, however, the Mexican liquor is served with a slice of orange and “Sal de Gusano” (spice mixture of chilli, salt and ground caterpillars) as a kind of mezcal cocktail. Below we show you a larger selection of mezcal cocktails. We hope you have fun trying them out and enjoying them! Get to know the Mexican spirit in a new way!

Trending Mezcal Cocktail Recipes