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Port wine Cocktails

Port wine was once the wine of the rich and beautiful. It was primarily served and enjoyed in royal houses and highly awarded clubs. Nowadays, however, this is no longer the case. Port wine is a sweet wine for everyone, and is becoming increasingly popular with the young target group as port cocktails. Pure, the sweet wine from Portugal tastes unforgettably aromatic-sweet and fruity. It is available in a red, white or rosé variety. The colour provides information about the age of the drink. Lighter-coloured wine tends to be stored longer.

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port wine cocktails

All about port wine cocktails

Port mixed drinks are also becoming increasingly popular today. Due to the increasing demand, port wine cocktails can be ordered in more and more cocktail bars, which are expertly prepared. Cocktails with port wine are characterised by a refreshing, fruity aroma. However, you also have the possibility to prepare dry cocktails at home. Below we would like to show you some port wine cocktail recipes that are aromatic in taste and easy to prepare. Discover them now and enjoy!