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Punch Recipes

Bowls are a type of cocktail that is prepared and enjoyed mainly in summer. Punch bowl recipes are usually prepared and served in very large bowls. The drink is then drunk from smaller tumblers. These are filled with a ladle. This makes them very suitable if you are expecting guests. Discover our large selection and discover our simple punch bowl recipe.

Trending Punch Recipes

punch recipes

It all depends on the quality

Bowls are often disreputable. They often contain cheap wine and low-quality fruit. Our tip: even when preparing these drinks, go for high-quality products. It doesn’t always have to be the most expensive champagne, but it shouldn’t be the cheapest sparkling wine you can find either. This simply makes the bowl taste better and also helps to avoid headaches the next day.

The fruit is not just a garnish

Fruit is actually added to the cocktail just before serving to decorate it a little and make it look more attractive. It’s different with punch. Here, the fruit and sometimes vegetable ingredients are the main component of the drink. A punch without fruit is not the same. Due to the fruit insert, bowls should actually be very sweet. However, the sparkling wines and white wines used absorb a large part of the fruit acid. As a result, the drinks taste pleasantly fruity and slightly tart. In addition, the fruits absorb a slight alcoholic character.