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Sherry Cocktails

Sherry is probably the most famous wine in the world. It has a century-long history and convinces with its mild, fruity notes. Many hundreds of years ago, this spirit was served at the tables of the rich and powerful. The first sherry cocktails are also said to have been created at this time.

Originally, the wine comes from Spain, more precisely from Andalusia. In the south of Spain, original sherry may only be cultivated in a very small area. This spirit became an export hit more than 400 years ago. Large quantities of sherry were exported to England. It was there that the first mixed drinks with sherry developed. This initial fad quickly spread across national borders and is now known throughout the world. The wine is actually called “Jerez” in Spanish. However, this word was difficult for the English to pronounce, which is why the term “sherry” became established.

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