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Sparkling Wine Cocktails

Sparkling wines produced in Germany and Austria are called Sekt. Germany is the country with the highest consumption of sparkling wine in the world. More than 450 million bottles of the sparkling wine are consumed in Germany every year. That is almost a quarter of the world’s sparkling wine consumption. German citizens drink sparkling wine neat, but also in cocktails with sparkling wine. These cocktails are an inexpensive alternative to high-priced champagne cocktails.

Sparkling Wine Cocktail Recipes

Sparkling Wine Cocktails

More about sparkling wine cocktails

These cocktails were invented by the big sparkling wine producers to appeal to the young target group. Thus, the sparkling wine should not only become known to young people as an accompanying drink at graduation balls or parties, but also be drunk at parties or in bars. In these sparkling wine mixed drinks, too, the sparkling wine is used as a filler, similar to champagne in champagne cocktails or tonic water and ginger beer in gin cocktails, and added to the mixed drink afterwards.