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Meet Dustin, the driving force behind Millennium Bartending. With his deep dedication to the world of mixology and his relentless pursuit of making cocktails accessible to all, Dustin is at the heart of our mission.

From hobby to passion

Dustin’s journey into the world of bartending and mixology began in 2017 as a simple hobby. Over time, his hobby evolved into a true passion for creating and enjoying cocktails, leading to the birth of Millennium Bartending.

The visionary leader

As the main point of contact for the Millennium Bartending team, Dustin’s role goes beyond that of a typical website owner. He is the visionary who set out to make the world of cocktails more accessible and enjoyable. His commitment to this vision has been unwavering from day one.

An advocate of openness

Dustin firmly believes that making cocktails should be a joy for everyone, regardless of their level of experience. His commitment to simplifying the mixology process and offering straightforward recipes is the foundation of Millennium Bartending’s success.