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Longdrink Cocktail Recipes

Long drinks are one of the best-known and most popular types of cocktail. Countless cocktails fall into this category, but various cocktails are also wrongly called long drinks. A characteristic feature of a long drink is the large amount of liquid it contains. Actually, any high-proof spirit can be used as the base spirit (rum, vodka, whisky, tequila, gin…). In addition, juices (orange juice, cranberry juice…) or soft drinks (cola, lemonade, ginger beer, tonic water, orange soda…) are often used in these drinks. Long drinks can be ordered in just about any cocktail bar and are also very popular at parties. The best-known long drinks include the Tequila Sunrise, Long Island Iced Tea, Tom Collins, Planter’s Punch, Cuba Libre and the Hurricane.

Trending Longdrink Recipes

longdrink cocktails

What makes long drinks special

A classic long drink is characterised by the fact that it has a relatively low alcohol content on a fairly high volume. In addition, the connoisseur gets a voluminously larger drink for the same money as for short drinks. The Long Island Iced Tea, a long drink with a rather high alcohol content, also contains a large amount of cola. This makes it a long drink in the classic sense.

In the 1970s, long drinks were even dubbed “healthy”. Unfortunately, Long Island Iced Tea was not the reason for this claim. The reason was that a Srcewdriver cocktail had quite a high vitamin C content, compared to other alcoholic drinks. However, due to the alcohol content contained, all alcoholic drinks cannot be called “healthy”.


The cocktail highball is one of the oldest and best-known types of cocktail. Highballs were classically made with only a spirit (such as whisky or sherry) and soda water. Over the years, ginger ale and/or a piece of lemon peel were increasingly added to the glass. Highballs are, so to speak, a predecessor of today’s cocktails. This term is now only used very rarely or not at all.


Long drinks are characterised by the long, narrow glass in which they are prepared. They actually always have a higher filling volume than shots or comparable drinks. Long drinks are usually easy to prepare and are particularly suitable for preparation at home. The filler also distributes the spirits used over a larger volume of liquid, which means that long drinks usually do not taste as strong as other cocktails.