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Highball Glass

Long drink glasses are relatively large glasses that can be counted as tumblers. They usually have a capacity of 20 – 40 cl and belong to the absolute basic equipment of every hobby and professional bar. There are virtually countless variants, which can be decorated or embossed.

Also popular for cocktails

Long drinks are classically served in long drink glasses. The best-known mixed drinks of this type are probably the Gin Fizz, Planter’s Punch, Tom Collins, Tequila Sunrise, Long Island Iced Tea, Sex on the Beach and Bloody Mary. But you can also discover countless other long drink recipes here. In addition to the drinks mentioned, you can also drink various mocktails, or simply soda water, tonic water, ginger beer, cola, iced tea or any other drink. Normally, every household has at least one glass similar to a long drink at home.

The big advantage of these glasses is simply their large capacity. This means that there is room for two to three ice cubes and any classic cocktail in this glass. In addition, all drinks like the Gin Fizz can be poured in the glass with a filler (for example tonic water or ginger beer). This allows you to serve your guests voluminous, easily prepared cocktails.


Different highball glass variants

Highball glasses can have a wide variety of shapes and filling volumes. As already mentioned, one such glass can have a completely smooth outer surface and a filling volume of 20 cl, while another glass can have various decorations and embossments on the outer surface and a filling volume of a full 40 cl. There is simply no such thing as a typical long drink glass. The selection is huge, so that everyone will find their favourite glass.

Highest quality for the best cocktails

The glasses sold in Germany all meet the strict quality standards. Now it’s all down to you and your own preferences. What should your favourite glass look like? What is the maximum price of a glass? What is the minimum and maximum filling volume of the glass? You have to clarify all these questions for yourself. Simply discover the large selection of long drink glasses and choose your personal favourite.

Highball Glas FAQ

What is a highball glass?

A highball glass is a comparatively tall glass from which long drinks, cocktails, but also water or soft drinks can be drunk. Actually, every household has a pair of long drink glasses.

What are the different types?

There is no such thing as the classic long drink glass. Rather, a long drink glass describes a thin glass with a fairly high filling volume. The outer shape and appearance of the glass can vary greatly.

What cocktails are served in it?

As the name suggests, it is mainly long drinks that are served in the long drink glass. Various cocktails, such as the Gin Fizz or the Tom Collins, as well as the Long Island Iced Tea can be enjoyed from the highball glass.