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Tiki Mug

Tiki mugs are cups or glasses made of glass and ceramic that were influenced by the Hawaiian Tiki culture in the 50s and 60s. Originally, Tiki mugs were used as cocktail glasses in tropical restaurants and Tiki bars. In these bars, various Tiki cocktails were created, such as the Mai Tai or the Pina Colada. Tiki glasses look very different from “normal” cocktail glasses, such as a martini glass, a tumbler, a long drink glass or a champagne glass.

They are much more colourful and are mostly influenced by typical Hawaiian retro themes. When serving these special glasses, fruit is often used as a garnish. This makes the cocktails seem even more colourful and friendly. Nevertheless, many people find tiki glasses kitschy.

What is special about Tiki mugs

Tiki mugs are characterized above all by the unusual and distinctive decorations on the glass or ceramic. The glasses often look like faces, some mugs are decorated with hands or feet. The Tiki mugs will stand out from your house bar and glass shelf. They are simply very different and provide an eye-catcher or two at parties or birthdays.

A positive advantage for bartenders: When a guest order and is served a Tiki cocktail, other guests often become aware of the eye-catching Tiki cup. They then ask you what kind of cocktail it was in this beautiful glass. If you are clever, you can bring one or two more Tiki cocktails to the customer.


Tiki cocktails from the matching cup

The glasses should mainly be used for Tiki cocktails, such as the Mai Tai, Pina Colada, Zombie Cocktail or the Hurricane Cocktail. Decorating the glass with fruit makes it even more attractive and eye-catching. Learn some Tiki Cocktail recipes and find out how to prepare these drinks.

Pina Colada

Zombie Cocktail

The history of glasses

Tiki glasses were introduced in the USA towards the end of the 1950s. The first cups resembled the Moai statues from Easter Island. Over the years, more and more different Tiki cups have been developed and sold worldwide. An important reason for the spread of Tiki cups are the most famous Tiki cocktails, such as the Zombie Cocktail or the Hurricane Cocktail.

These two drinks are known all over the world and have been the main reason why Tiki mugs have moved into various cocktail bars. Even if you find the cups kitschy and ugly, they are always an eye-catcher when serving. Discover now and find your favorite.

Tiki Mug FAQ

What is a Tiki Mug?

Tiki cups are particularly eye-catching and colourful cocktail cups in which mostly tropical drinks are served. They have a very eye-catching appearance and are often used in bars to “put a drink in the right light”.

What makes the cups special?

Tiki cups have an eye-catching and very colourful appearance. They are usually adorned with various grimaces and facial expressions and often have bright colours. Red and yellow cups are particularly popular in bars, but more and more transparent Tiki cups are also being used.

Where can you buy them?

The colourful mugs are mostly ordered online or in specialised shops. Every now and then you can find the colourful cups in decoration shops, but then rather for decorative purposes and at very high prices.

Which cocktails are served in the cups?

Only Tiki cocktails tend to be served in the cups. The most famous cocktail of this kind is called Pina Colada. However, you can also use the cups if you don’t have a long drink glass at hand. However, this looks unprofessional in bars.

How much do the cups cost?

The prices of these colourful cups can vary greatly. If you buy a large number of cups for your bar, you will usually pay around five euros per glass. However, if you buy the cups privately, in small quantities, they can be significantly more expensive.