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Martini Glas

A martini glass is a funnel-shaped glass with a filling volume of approx. 6 – 10 cl. Martini glasses are also called martini bowls, cocktail glasses or martini goblets. From the side, the glasses look like the letter “Y” and appear very elegant. Even James Bond could not resist a Vodka Martini, shaken, not stirred, served in a Martini glass.

This is not the only reason why this glass is becoming increasingly popular. The special thing about the glass: cocktails served in this glass are served entirely without ice cubes. On the one hand, the ice cubes have no place in the glass, and on the other hand, drinks served without ice look even more elegant and extravagant.

Classic to modern

Classic cocktails, such as the Dry Martini or the Cosmopolitan, are mostly drunk from this type of glass, but also various aperitif, digestif and amaretto cocktail variants. You can also enjoy a Margarita from this glass if you don’t have a Margarita glass at hand.

This bar accessory is not used for various other cocktails that are served with ice. In addition, the glass has a much too small filling volume to be filled with various cocktail types, such as long drinks, mocktails, juleps or sour cocktails, but also well-known drinks such as the Mai Tai, Whisky Sour or the Tequila Sunrise. And let’s be honest, a whisky sour from a martini glass really does look very unprofessional.


How to find the perfect glass

You can discover and buy Cocktailspitz glasses in a wide variety of designs and shapes. The cylindrical glasses are available with slanted, curved or interlocking stems. In addition, the cylindrical bowl can be decorated with a wide variety of patterns or engravings. For us personally, the classic, plain and simple Martini bowl is the most beautiful. Find your favourite and see for yourself.

Martini Glas FAQ

What is a martini glass?

The martini glass is a classic, elegant and simple cylindrical glass. The glass is also called a martini bowl, cocktail glass or martini goblet. Because of its cylindrical shape, the glass is reminiscent of the letter “Y” from the side.

What is the filling volume of the glass?

Classically, the cylindrical glass has a filling volume of 6 cl to 10 cl. This means that cocktails without filler are served in the glass. In addition, cocktails that are usually served in a margarita glass can also be served in this glass.

Which cocktails can be enjoyed from the glass?

Actually, only classic cocktails are served from the Martini glass. The most famous drinks that are drunk from this glass are called Dry Martini, Daiquiri, Manhattan and Cosmopolitan.

When was the glass invented?

Originally, the glass is said to have been invented in the 1930s. After that, it quickly spread around the world and can now be found in practically every cocktail bar.