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Mixing Glas

A mixing glass is also called a mixing glass or bar glass. It is a very tall, very thick glass that clearly exceeds a filling volume of 500 ml. Most mixing glasses are equipped with a so-called pouring lip (sometimes also called a spout) through which the finished drinks can be easily poured out. The main task of a mixing glass in a professional bar is to prepare cocktails that consist only of alcoholic ingredients (such as the Negroni or Dry Martini).

A mixing glass belongs in the same way as a bar strainer, a bar spoon, a cocktail shaker, a pestle and a jigger in every professional and just about every hobby cocktail bar. For the preparation of cocktails in bar glasses, you also need a bar spoon. You can also “stir” the ingredients with a normal spoon, but this does not look professional at all and is also much more difficult than using a bar spoon.

Why stirred and not shaken?

Various cocktails are prepared and served by shaking them in a cocktail shaker. However, these drinks are always mixed drinks made with at least one non-alcoholic ingredient. Non-alcoholic ingredients are, for example, fruit juice, eggs, cream or syrup. These ingredients only mix with the alcoholic spirit when shaken.

With cocktails that consist only of alcoholic ingredients, it is no longer necessary to shake the ingredients. The ingredients simply mix with each other by stirring. This saves a lot of time and is much easier to prepare.


How to use a mixing glass correctly

Using a mixing glass to prepare cocktails is basically very simple. However, we recommend that you first practice “stirring” on your own before serving your guests in this way. To do this, first put some ice cubes into the mixing glass and measure out all the other ingredients with a jigger. Then you also put these ingredients into the mixing glass. Then take a bar spoon and place it on the rim of the glass. Now slowly and increasingly quickly start to circle the spoon from the wrist.

The bar spoon should always touch the outer wall of the mixing glass. After a short time, the ice cubes will rotate as a block and cool the liquids. Keep stirring until the outside of the glass starts to mist up. Be careful not to stir for too long, otherwise the cocktail may become watered down. Then strain the drink into a (in most cases) pre-chilled glass, without ice and with the help of a bar strainer, and strain the drink. You can then serve the cocktail or enjoy it yourself.

History and invention of the stirring glass

The first mixing glasses are said to have been used as early as the 19th century. At that time, almost all cocktails were still stirred, and not shaken in a cocktail shaker. Even at that time, the various ingredients were put into the mixing glass and stirred together with the help of a bar spoon. Afterwards, the drinks were usually strained with the help of a bar strainer before being served. So actually it’s exactly the same as today. The only difference is that today, mixing glasses are made explicitly for this purpose, whereas in the past, just any glass large enough to hold the ingredients was used.

Mixing Glas FAQ

What do you need a mixing glass for?

A mixing glass is used in the preparation of cocktails that consist exclusively of alcoholic ingredients. Similar to a shaker, it is used to mix the different ingredients.

How do you use a mixing glass?

First you put the ingredients and ice cubes into the glass. Then you stir the ingredients with the help of a bar spoon. Finally, pour the drinks through a bar strainer into a glass before serving the cocktails.

What cocktails are made with it?

Cocktail like the Dry Martini or the Negroni are prepared with the mixing glass. As a rule of thumb you can remember: All cocktails that consist exclusively of alcoholic ingredients are stirred.