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Cocktails with Ginger Ale

If you are looking for pleasantly spicy cocktails that still taste very fresh, then we can recommend cocktails with ginger ale. These drinks have become increasingly popular in recent years and have already managed to beat one or two competitors. We show you some of the best cocktails with ginger ale that you can easily prepare at home. Discover them now!

Trending Cocktail Recipes with Ginger Ale

Without alcohol, but with ginger ale

The Shirley Temple Mocktail is one of the best-known and most popular mocktails of all. Unlike many other drinks, this cocktail does not contain any alcohol. This means that the Shirley Temple Mocktails can also be enjoyed particularly well by drivers during the week or at the weekend. Thanks to the ginger ale, this drink tastes pleasantly tart and spicy even without alcohol. Try the drink for yourself!

It doesn't always have to be sweet

Cocktails (and especially mocktails) are often discredited for simply tasting sweet. This masks other flavours and also the alcoholic taste. However, this does not always have to be the case. Especially in mixed drinks made with ginger ale, the focus is usually more on a tart and spicy flavour. So if you want to enjoy a completely new drinking experience, you should definitely try one or two cocktails with ginger ale!