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Cocktails with lime

Cocktails are often associated with summer, sun and sunshine. Especially with cocktails made with lime juice, this assumption is completely true. With these drinks, you have the chance to enjoy pleasantly fruity and tart cocktails that make you dream of summer. Discover our large selection of recipes, some of which are very well-known, and find your new favourite drink!

Trending Cocktail Recipes with lime

Mojito - Probably the best-known cocktail with lime

If you are looking for high-quality cocktails with lime, you won’t get past the Mojito. This cocktail is one of the most famous of all and is characterised by a uniquely sweet and sour aroma. A summer without a mojito is not a real summer! Discover all the recipes now and let the incredible taste convince you!

Sometimes like this, sometimes like that

Cocktails, long drinks and mixed drinks do not necessarily have to taste sweet or very alcoholic. When you use limes in cocktails, you can give the drinks an extra fresh kick and add slightly sour notes. Try the tropical fruit yourself in different drinks and let yourself be surprised by its variety of flavours!