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Cocktails with Ginger Beer

Ginger beer has experienced a real renaissance in recent years. Where the drink was almost forgotten a few years ago, today various cocktails are made with ginger beer. We will show you various cocktail recipes with ginger beer. In addition to the classics, you will also find new drinks that convince with their varied taste. Find out more now!

Trending Cocktail Recipes with Ginger Beer

The Dark n Stormy

The Dark n Stormy Cocktail is probably the best-known and most popular cocktail next to the Moscow Mule, which is prepared with ginger beer. This drink consists of just two ingredients and is therefore particularly popular to prepare. Try the Ginger Beer Cocktail yourself and find out how the drink tastes!

Why you should give ginger beer cocktails a chance

Cocktails with ginger beer have become increasingly popular in recent years. More and more products are appearing on the market and new recipes are being developed all the time. However, you can also stick to the classics or mix your very own creation. The best thing is to simply discover all our recipes and find the perfect one for you. You will be surprised how good these ginger beer cocktails can taste!