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Cocktails with pineapple juice

Are you looking for delicious cocktail recipes that you can prepare with pineapple juice? Then you’ve come to the right place. Discover our wide range of different recipes and find your new favourite drink. You will be surprised how many cocktails you can prepare with pineapple juice and how varied these drinks taste. Experience the fruity-fresh drinks at home now!

Trending Cocktail Recipes with pineapple juice

Pina Colada - The most famous cocktail with pineapple juice

If you are looking for varied and fruity cocktails that can be made with pineapple juice, then you can’t go past the Pina Colada. This tiki drink is characterised by a particularly fruity and sweet taste. The flavours of pineapple juice harmonise very well with the coconut and rum. This also makes the cocktail taste particularly “round”. The best thing is to try the drink yourself and let its unique taste convince you!

How the drinks tasted

Cocktails made with pineapple juice often taste very sweet. The juice in the taste very sweet. And this can also be clearly tasted in cocktails. So if you like rather tart cocktails, you should not prepare these drinks. However, if you like rather sweet mixed drinks, you should try the drinks with pineapple juice right away. Discover all the recipes and let yourself be surprised and convinced by the unique taste!