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Cocktails with Tonic Water

Tonic water is a very popular bitter lemonade that is mainly used in the preparation of cocktails. Besides the most famous cocktail with tonic water, the gin and tonic, there are, however, various other drinks that can be prepared with the bitter lemonade. We will show you some recipes with easy preparation. Get to know tonic water from a completely different side!

Trending Cocktail Recipes with Tonic Water

The most famous: Gin Tonic

The gin and tonic cocktail is one of the best-known and most popular cocktails of all. This drink can be ordered in any cocktail bar and is incredibly easy to prepare. You will be surprised how quickly you can prepare a gin and tonic. Learn our simple recipe and enjoy the cocktail with tonic water at home!

This is why you should try the recipes

When it comes to preparing cocktails and mixed drinks, there are many different opinions on how to make drinks and how the drinks taste best. However, the scene is unanimous on one point: tonic water. Nowadays, you can order cocktails with tonic water in any cocktail bar. The gin and tonic is on every menu, other cocktails are served at least on request. Dive into the world of bar culture and discover varied cocktails with tonic water.