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Cocktails with cola

If you prepare cocktails professionally, cocktails with cola are probably not for you. These drinks usually simply mix cola and a spirit. And that’s it. However, cocktails with cola can be much more than that! Discover all our drinks from this category and let yourself be convinced by the unique taste and the great variety.

Trending Cocktails Recipe with cola

whisky cola

Whisky Cola - the classic

When it comes to cocktails made with cola, there’s no getting around whisky cola. Along with the Cuba Libre and the Korn Cola, the Whisky Cola is one of the simplest drinks of its kind.

The preparation couldn’t be easier and the taste couldn’t be better. You will be surprised how varied a cocktail with cola can taste. Try the drink yourself and be surprised by the unique taste.

Sweet, sweeter, cola?

Just because you prepare a cocktail with cola does not mean that this drink has to taste particularly sweet. You will be surprised how varied such a mixed drink can taste. Most of the time, the tart notes of the spirit harmonise very well with the rather sweet cola and in the end give a very good mixture of both. Discover all our recipes and find your new favourite drink!