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Cocktails with Sprite

Sprite is a sweet lemonade that can be used in various cocktails. You can use Sprite to prepare various recipes and enjoy a wide variety of cocktails. Of course, you can use any lemonade for the preparation, but Sprite is one of the best known of its kind. Discover all the recipes and let yourself be surprised by the unique taste.

Trending Cocktail Recipes with Sprite

Blue Lagoon - Probably the most famous drink with Sprite

There are various different cocktail recipes that you can prepare very easily and quickly. The Blue Lagoon cocktail is one of them. However, this drink is not only characterised by its simple preparation. In addition, the drink convinces with its unique taste. You simply have to try it!

Why not try something different?

Are you an advocate of very classic cocktails, prepared and drunk with only the highest quality ingredients? No problem! We also prefer classic and tart cocktails. However, you should at least give Sprite cocktails a chance. You will be surprised how varied and changeable the lemonade is in cocktails and what special taste you can expect from it. So give the recipes a chance and let yourself be convinced by the unique taste!