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Rob Roy

This well-known whisky cocktail called Rob Roy is very dry and tart. It is actually prepared completely without sugar and can therefore be served optimally as a flavour stimulant before a meal. Discover our Rob Roy cocktail recipe and prepare the popular drink at home!

Rob Roy Cocktail Recipe

  • 5-6 cl Scotch Whisky
  • 2 cl Sweet Vermouth
  • 2-3 dashes Angostura bitters

Step by Step Guide

  1. Add all ingredients one by one to a mixing glass and stir together with ice cubes for a few seconds.
  2. Strain the drink into a pre-chilled martini glass and garnish with berries.
rob roy
Recipe by Tim


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The Whisky Cocktail is a classic drink that captivates with its interplay of sweet and tart notes, rounded off with a hint of whisky. This drink brings together several flavours that harmonise perfectly with each other. This drink is best compared to the Vieux Carré, Lynchburg Lemonade or Whiskey Cobbler.