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Cocktails for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is the celebration of lovers. So if you’re planning a romantic dinner with your partner, bear in mind that pre-dinner drinks can create the perfect atmosphere for a memorable evening. Our simple recipes are therefore particularly suitable for preparation on Valentine’s Day. Would you like to enjoy Liber alcohol-free? Nothing could be easier! Also discover our alcohol-free Valentine’s Day drinks and let yourself be enchanted by a unique taste – completely without alcohol!

The perfect cocktails for Valentine's Day

If you’re more into cocktails than a bottle of wine or sparkling wine like bubbly or champagne, these drinks will make Valentine’s Day extra special. And we’re not just talking mimosas, margaritas or sangria and more here. Whether you’re planning a special date or a cosy evening out for Valentine’s Day, it’s always a good idea to incorporate a high-quality yet easy-to-prepare cocktail into the evening. Discover our romantic cocktail recipes for Valentine’s Day and be surprised by the variety of drinks!


Brandy Alexander

Campari Amalfi

Lillet Wildberry

Pisco Sour

Rum Sour

Snowball Cocktail

The Godfather

Sloe Gin Fizz

Frangelico Sour



Bee's Knees

Gin Soda

Gin & Tea

Gin Basil Smash

London Mule


Monkey Gland

White Negroni

Shirley Temple


Dark n Stormy

El Presidente

Malibu Sunrise

Mary Pickford

El Diablo

Frozen Margarita

Long Island Iced Tea

Moscow Mule

Porn Star Martini


Forbidden Sour

Greenpoint Cocktail

Horses Neck

Whiskey Tonic

Whisky Cola

Whisky Highball