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Cocktails for Easter

One of the best parts of the holidays is getting the whole family together. Whether you’re celebrating Easter with friends and family who live nearby and see each other all the time, or you’re inviting people from out of town. Easter is a great time to pull out all the stops and have a memorable celebration. One way to spice up your celebration is by serving delicious Easter cocktails. Whether you want to serve one special drink or offer a whole selection for your guests to choose from: Mixing up a great drink will take your Easter celebration to a whole other level. From sweet and fruity to savoury and spicy, we have the perfect mixed drinks that can really transform your Easter table.

Cocktail recipes for Easter

While your Easter dinner ideas are sure to wow your guests, your meal isn’t really complete until you mix up a great selection of Easter cocktails to go with it. With the holidays often falling at the end of winter, it’s the perfect opportunity to create some delicious spring drinks.

Discover all our different Easter cocktails and be surprised by the unique drinks. Everyone will find their new favourite drink here. Get to know sweet and fruity or rather tangy cocktails and enchant your guests at Easter. And who knows: maybe you will also be invited to an Easter party the following year where delicious drinks will also be served.

Chartreuse Swizzle


Fluffy Duck

French 75

Ramos Gin Fizz

Red Snapper

Tom Collins

Vesper Martini

White Lady

Virgin Moscow Mule

Bahama Mama

Blue Hawaii

The Jungle Bird

Ti Punch

Zombie Cocktail

Blow Job Shot

Brave Bull

Irish Car Bomb

Tequila Martini

Tequila Sour

Tequila Sunrise

Harvey Wallbanger

John Daly


Forbidden Sour

Greenpoint Cocktail

Horses Neck

Japanese Sour

Irish Coffee

Lions Tail

Mint Julep

Monte Carlo

New York Sour

Old Fashioned



Rusty Nail

Vieux Carre

Trinidad Sour

Whiskey Cobbler

Whiskey Tonic

Whisky Cola

Whisky Highball