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Cocktails for barbecues

On this page we would like to show you some of the best and most varied cocktails for barbecues. It doesn’t matter if you are just having a barbecue with a few friends in a small circle or if you are organising a big party with various neighbours. The right cocktails for this occasion can differ more than you think.

We have listed a few simple yet delicious cocktail recipes that you can prepare especially at barbecues and barbecue parties. But even if you are not attending a barbecue: These cocktails are also delicious on other occasions. So what are you waiting for? Get to know all our recipes now and enjoy our cocktails for barbecues.


Brandy Alexander

Campari Amalfi

London Mule


Monkey Gland

White Negroni

Shirley Temple

Pina Colada

Planters Punch

Rum Alexander

Rum Runner

Rum Tonic

Swimming Pool

Alabama Slammer

Baby Guinness


Mexican Mule

Bloody Mary

Blue Lagoon


Sex on the Beach

The Madras


Mint Julep

Monte Carlo

New York Sour

Old Fashioned


Vieux Carre

Trinidad Sour

Whiskey Cobbler